These are a few testimonials from letters and emails Kristina has received from her clients --

Kristina is special. The first time I reached out to her, I didn’t realize there could be such possibilities of hope. I was in the middle of physical therapy with a painful frozen shoulder, and very discouraged that nothing was working.
Once Kristina and I connected, she patiently offered answers to my questions and helped me become comfortable with the process. So I decided to give it a try, not sure what to expect. The healing was subtle, but within days my shoulder was pain-free with full movement. Since then, I’ve come to understand much more what Kristina can do. She has come to my aid, upon request, many times since – each time with unbelievable results.

Thanks, Kristina, for giving me this chance to share you and your power of healing with so many others.
Laura C., Virginia


Amazing! I came to Kristina through a friend, and I am grateful to that friend for life. I had a very bad encounter that left me with stitches on my right side. While I did seek traditional medical help from the local hospital for the immediate care to treat the wound, Kristina's healing work healed the deeper wound and the redness and swelling went away immediately. I found that her work was amazing. I healed and felt totally better in such a quick time some would say it was a miracle. Kristina's connection to the mind body and spirit are so complete that the healing is the natural byproduct. It is peaceful, beautiful and the true way to heal. If you have found these words, then take comfort in knowing you are in good hands and if you choose to have sessions, then, it is, quite simply, a journey like no other!
Larry S. 


I came to Kristina, not for myself, but for a dear friend that could not ask for help on his own. He unfortunately had a severe brain injury and was put into an induced coma. The outlook for his recovery was very grim. The doctor's said he may not wake up, he may not even be able to function in society, and he would probably never be able to go back to work again. Kristina did several sessions with him, his higher self, and within a seven day period he was awake and recognized his family and friends. Within a month he was back to work. It is hard to describe the process, but the results speak for themselves. The doctor's said it was a miracle. I know it was from Kristina's work with Spirit that healed my friend. I know this sounds impossible, but she worked to rebuild his connections to heal his brain.
Jan D.


I used to think I was Superman, you know, young and indestructible. Then I found out I was not. I could not handle the heat. I had issues with energy and was completely unmotivated. Could just sleep all day. I was so lucky to find Kristina. She walked me through the process, how everything worked and what to expect. Through her sessions, I was able to find my way, to understand my body, my spirit, my limits. To be able to function again with light and energy. Her sessions built me back up, they made me whole, and gave me the motivation and energy to function with light. I recommend you talk to Kristina, and experience the healing work with an open heart and mind.
Sam S.

Dear Kristina:
I just wanted to write you to thank you for the wonderful session we had and wanted you to be able to share my experience with other people. 
To all the people that want help healing and traditional medicine isn’t fully working. I went to Kristina for one of my core issues that has been blocking my ability to be successful and healthy. In my original conversation with Kristina she was very caring about my issues and set up an appointment to work on my healing.  We decided to do a shamanic extraction (to pull out the negativity that is holding me back). What I experienced during that extraction was amazing and left me feeling clean and energized. Since that session, I have felt like I can do anything I put my mind to, and felt an overwhelming sense of healing and being clear and clean of that negativity. 
When I was in the session I could literally feel a dark “parasite”-like substance being yanked out of my body.  I could feel the weight and power – like she was truly pulling roots out of my body or like pulling the roots of a weed out of the ground.  The roots were hanging on struggling and then I felt a powerful release! It was amazing and powerful.  
Removing the darkness, the weeds, was like what you would expect if you were having surgery for cancer to be removed. Without Kristina ever physically putting her hands on me, I felt the physical presence of the removal.  Then I saw beautiful purple flowers and I felt the ocean washing through me and felt a wonderful peace.  I felt a deeper healing than I have ever felt.  I feel healed.  I am healed.  Things have been so much brighter and happier for me. I’ve been lighter on my feet and I don’t feel that dread that I use to feel as soon as I woke up every morning. Now I wake up clean and clear and ready for whatever comes my way.
I would recommend Kristina to anyone that wants to experience the power of healing. The power of healing deep in your soul, which will result in a healthy more fulfilled life.
I plan on going back to work even more deeply – maybe a soul retrieval (and I will continue to see her for distance healing Reiki work, which is always calming and centering and very peaceful). I want the healthy little purple flowers to flourish and I know now that this is real and does work and has lasting impacts on the quality of my life – and each day. 
Thank you Kristina,
Marie G., Colorado


“I had a Shamanic healing with Kristina with amazing results. The chronically damaged area healed like new and with that came a deep sense of relief and well-being. Kristina heals from an inner knowing and from her open heart.” – Julia H., Australia

Kristina is compassionate and caring. She listened to my concerns and focused on what I wanted to work on. And the results truly amazed me. The day after my first session I woke up and felt like a great burden had been lifted. I will continue to work with Kristina and I know that there will be even greater healing for me!” – Angela M, Colorado

 “I did a Soul Retrieval with Kristina, and right afterward I felt better than I’ve felt in years. I don’t know how it works, but I can tell you that it does work!” – Jen E, Washington, D.C.

“My son’s unusual bouts of frustration and nightmares were truly getting too much for me to handle – until you (Kristina) came and cleared and blessed our house and backyard. The air was immediately lighter after your ceremony and my son’s bad dreams ended and his general good mood returned for the first time in a long time! I can’t thank you enough! We all feel so much better!” – Jordan R., Boulder, Colorado

“I completed the Shamanic training a few years ago, and I felt more than comfortable with providing the services, but I needed help with the “practical” side of setting up shop and keeping things running. I signed up for Kristina’s 6-month mentorship program, and now I’m less stressed about the paperwork and more excited about working with clients!” – Adrian L, Illinois

“After our session I had to take a nap, I was so exhausted. I felt like I’d done hard labor. When I woke up, over 2 hours later, I felt great. I spent some time writing in my journal, like you talked about, and it all flowed out. Now it’s been over a week and I still feel energized and excited. The ache in my elbow and shoulder has been just about gone! And the work we did in addition to the Reiki has helped me more than I can believe. Thanks again.” – Laurie M, Colorado