Path of Direct Revelation (One-on-One Spirit-Connection) Training/Mentorship

Learn the Ancient Spirit Way of Direct Revelation
Experience a One-on-One Spirit-Connection/Spirit Way Training/Mentorship

Ready for a deepening, life-enhancing, transformation? Ready to learn how to “journey” to connect with Spirit using the ancient path of direct connection – for personal healing, for personal growth, for ... answers?

Experience the Journey of a Lifetime!

With over 20 years of experience in the healing and shamanic arena, Kristina Woodall, M.A., is now offering an ONLINE, personally supported, training/mentoring program – offering you one-on-one attention, direction, and support. No matter where you live, this is your chance to relearn and focus what you already know deep within your spirit and soul – the Spirt Way.

How the Online, Personalized, Path of Direct Revelation Training/Mentorship Works:

Moving as fast, or as carefully, as you choose, you will be given “lessons” and field exploratory adventures and, yes, some homework (or “spiritwork”) in the following areas/practices:

  • Creation of Sacred Space (in “ordinary” reality and in “non-ordinary” reality): This is the critical foundation for your own personal growth and healing; stress reduction; Divine connection and interaction – for healing peace.
  • Creation of a Sacred Altar space (to enhance your divine and sacred space).
  • Understanding of the Cosmology of the Middle World (our “ordinary reality” and “non-ordinary” reality), the Lower World (the realm of animal and plant spirits), and the Upper World (the realm of teachers and divine thinkers and healers).
  • Power Animal Retrieval (you will learn how to journey specifically to connect with your own Power Animal; one that may have been with you from birth and/or one that may be ready to connect with you now in order to assist and support you in your journey).
  • Compassionate Spirit Helper (Teacher/Divine Thinkers/Healers) Connection (you will learn how to journey specifically to connect with one, or more, divine teachers/thinkers/healers – for personal growth, journey support, and answers to your daily questions).
  • Direct connection to nature and compassionate nature spirits (to enhance your daily walk throughout this lifetime, and beyond).
  • Direct connection to “spirits of place” (to enhance your ability to move through this physical realm with ease and comfort and safety: your home, your office, your road trips across the world...).
  • Direct connection, and support from, the ancestors (to deepen your understanding of the ancient ways of balance, harmony, connection to the land and the rich tapestry of life upon it, and deep healing).
  • Direct Divination (through the use of objects of nature, or through journeywork, you will learn how to ask questions and receive answers).
  • Dreamwork (you will learn how to interpret the deep healing messages of your dreams – and how to use this insight to help yourself, your loved ones, your four-legged companions, and the planet).
  • Healing Journeys (you will learn how to journey for answers to specific mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues – using the “language” of Spirit).
  • The power and process of ceremony. This is a fundamental part of the Way; of learning, growing, healing, receiving, and releasing. You will learn how to create and conduct your own living ceremonies to honor, celebrate, and heal your life.
  • The Path of Direct Revelation (how to formulate and ask questions in the way... the way that our divine helping beings will be able to answer).

Kristina will be at your side, step-by-step, in this amazingly powerful learning, life-enhancing experience. She will be providing you with background materials, examples, personalized instructions, and simple (but effective) “homework” assignments designed to enhance and deepen your learning and personal spiritual growth.

She will walk the walk with you – showing you how to enhance, deepen, build (rebuild), grow, heal (yourself and the planet) your entire life experience.

With Kristina by your side for an entire six months (or more, if necessary), you will learn the Spirit Way.

Whether working out in nature or in your own backyard (or office), you will learn about the one-step-at-a-time way of spirit – and how to use this sacred knowledge to enhance every aspect of your daily life: love, intimacy, career path, friendship, and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and multi-dimensional well-being.

Unlimited Access – Yes, you will have unlimited email access to Kristina throughout your six-month experience. You will be able to ask questions (as many as you have), seek answers, and receive guidance (including Kristina’s intuitive abilities or “knowing”). This is, at its heart and soul, a one-on-one guided adventure – in the way of the ancestors.

Progress at Your Own Pace – You can take as long a time, or as short a time, as you need to complete each assignment before progressing to the next area of learning and growth. You decide when you are ready to move to the next core shamanic practice. (If this exceeds six months, Kristina will consider your circumstances and, more than likely, extend your period of one-on-one teachings.)

Personalized Feedback – When you complete and turn in each assignment, you will email it to Kristina for personalized feedback. She will go through your work, line by line, and respond, offer suggestions, answer questions, and guide you to the next level. Your work won’t simply disappear into a vacuum! You will get intimate and tailored progress reports, ensuring that you will be successful in applying each and every ancient practice!

Cost of the Adventure – $1,295

Simply click on the PayPal button and we can get down to the business of learning, healing, and deep spiritual growth! And, while there are no refunds, Kristina guarantees that you will be satisfied; that you will thoroughly learn how to put into practice each and every ancient practice taught during the training. If an emergency arises and you cannot complete your personalized adventure on its original course, Kristina will continue work with you – until you complete the training. And, as if often does, if you must set aside the training for a period of time, you will be able to access the materials – and receive the full mentorship of Kristina – for a two-year period.

Questions: Just email Kristina at: