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With over 20 years of experience in the healing arena, Kristina Woodall, M.A., is now offering an ONLINE training/mentoring program. No matter where you live, this is your chance to dive into an exciting, energy-balancing, compassionate Spirit-filled
 – and Spirit Way –  
healing adventure during which you will become a 

How the Online Training Works

Moving as fast, or as methodical, as you choose, you will be given “lessons” and “field work” and “homework” in the following core shamanic practices, including:
  •          Divination (through the use of objects of nature, or through journey);
  •          Dreamwork (interpretation and wisdom-insight from journey);
  •          Power Animal Retrieval (connecting/reconnecting you with your own Power Animal);
  •          Soul Retrieval (locating lost soul energy due to trauma, abuse, addiction, etc.);
  •          Extractions (releasing you from unwanted “negative” energies that no longer serve you);
  •          Psychopomp (sacred work with the dying to ensure peace and harmony; and journey work to ensure that deceased loved ones have safely passed to the light);
  •          Healing Words/Healing Songs/Healing Dance (connecting you with the power of words for healing and balance);
  •          Healing Journeys (seeking direct divine guidance on healing specific to your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual needs); and
  •          Land/space blessing and clearings (releasing unwanted or “negative” energies in our physical space that affect our physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being).

Kristina will be providing background materials, examples, step-by-step instructions, and “homework” for each core shamanic practice. You will move from introductory lessons on journeying to the different realms of “non-ordinary” reality (primarily Upper World and Lower World); connecting with you own personal compassionate spirit helpers, divine teachers, and power animals; working out in nature (“field work”) to discover and connect with the elemental and natural-world spirit helpers; and “working” on your own healing, as well as that of friends and family members.

Unlimited AccessYes, you will have unlimited email access to Kristina during the training. You will be able to ask questions, seek answers, and receive guidance. This is, at its heart and soul, a one-on-one training – in the way of the ancestors.

Progress at Your Own PaceYou can take as long a time, or as short a time, as you need to complete each assignment before progressing to the next practice. You decide when you are ready to move to the next core shamanic practice.

Personalized FeedbackWhen you complete and turn in each assignment, or conduct your own practice session with friends and/or family, you will email it to Kristina for personalized feedback. She will go through your work, line by line, and respond, offer suggestions, answer questions, and guide you to the next level. Your work won’t simply disappear into a vacuum! You will get intimate and tailored progress reports, ensuring that you will be successful in applying each and every core shamanic practice!

Certification of CompletionWhen you have finished all of the assignments, and the assigned field work and home work, you will receive a Certification of Completion in The Spirit Way Core Shamanic Practitioner Training!

Practical 6-Month Mentorship!  After your successful completion of the training, Kristina will offer you an additional 6-month mentorship!

There are many great training programs out there; however, after you’re taught the Spirit-based work, you are typically on your own when it comes to the practical application of what you’ve learned! It’s great to have your head in the clouds when it comes to healing, but if you really want to make a healing difference, and open your own healing practice, you need some on-the-ground help!

Kristina’s mentorship will give you exactly that. The mentorship covers the practical application of this healing work, including those related to such topics as:
  •          how to set up a practice (including finding the best location, assessing such vital aspects as parking, facilities, client access, etc.);
  •          how to create, and use, the appropriate “paperwork” (including Intake Forms; Informed Consent Release Forms; and necessary, and ongoing, session client file paperwork, etc.)
  •          how to establish appropriate, and honorable, practitioner/client boundaries (including ethics guidelines, rules of conduct, boundaries regarding appropriate therapeutic relationships, etc.)
  •          how/when to seek advice/referrals to others therapists and practitioners, if necessary (and, often, it is);
  •          marketing/advertising (including topics from guerilla marketing to online advertising and website creation); and
  •          creating, building, and deepening your healing practice.

Cost of the Complete Online Program: $2,495

Simply click on the PayPal button and we can get down to the business of healing!
And, while there are no refunds, Kristina guarantees that you will be satisfied; that you will thoroughly learn how to put into practice each and every core shamanic practice taught during the training. At your own pace, YOU WILL be able to start your own healing Core Shamanic practice. If an emergency arises and you cannot complete your training on its original course, Kristina will always work with you – until you complete the training. And, as if often does, if you must set aside the training for a period of time, you will be able to access the materials – and receive the full mentorship of Kristina – for a two-year period.

Questions: Just email Kristina at:

 Core Shamanism
“Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind”
-- Colleen Deatsman, The Hollow Bone: A Field Guide to Shamanism

“Core shamanism consists of the universal or near-universal principles and practices of shamanism not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective.”
-- Anthropologist Michael Harner, Founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Over tens of thousands of years (many anthropologists have dated the practice back over 100,000 years), our ancient ancestors developed a spiritual-based system for personal empowerment, problem-solving, and spiritual healing. This system is now referred to as “Shamanism” or, currently “Shamanic Practices.”

Shamanic practices have been used in every culture across the world. It is a form of spirituality that is based upon living in balance (it’s all energy) with all other forms of life on this planet -- the people, the plants, the animals, and the Earth itself.

Shamanic practices have survived for centuries simply because they have proven to be successful in enabling people to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy balance -- to not only continue to exist in an often harsh environment, but to THRIVE within that environment.

Shamanic practitioners always have been -- and still are -- the “healers” within their tribes and communities. They were the “seers” and the “sages” whom the people turned to for balance and harmony in relationships, for healing remedies, and for knowledge about critical decisions that needed to be made on a daily basis (such as, “where shall we hunt to find food?” and “where shall we set up our summer camps?”).

Traditionally, the health of individuals and the community as a whole was the responsibility of the shamans. If the shamans did not do their job well, the people starved or suffered needlessly. Shamanic practices have survived the ages (and the comings-and-goings of specific civilizations, nation-groups, and countries) because the practices are experiential, based upon “divine” revelation, and can adapt and respond to the unique needs of the situation at hand.

Although Shamanism is not a religion, it is the “ancestor” to all forms of human religion. Core shamanism (the basic shamanic practices, as practiced around the world) embodies the most wide-spread and time-tested practical system of spirituality and mind-body-soul healing known to humankind. It encompasses a timeless wisdom of indigenous cultures shared around the planet, and passed down through thousands of years -- to us.

 What is a Shamanic Practitioner?

The word “Shaman” (pronounced shah-maan) comes from the language of the Evenki people, a Tungusic tribe in Siberia, and it means “one who sees in the dark.” It is a word that was adapted widely by anthropologists to refer to people who enter an altered state of consciousness (similar to meditation or deep prayer) at will; people who “journey” into non-ordinary reality in order to acquire knowledge and power (in the form of energy) to help others. Shamanic “seeing” is a whole-body sensing and knowing, whereby the Shaman receives visual images, insights, flashes, and direct knowledge from this “non-ordinary” reality.

Shamans, basically, develop the ability to enter a deep state of consciousness (that is, outside of what is experienced in the regular “waking” state of time and space) with discipline and purpose in order to directly seek spiritual/divine guidance, gain insight or energetic power, and/or to determine the core of physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual imbalances.

This non-ordinary reality that Shamanic Practitioners learn to access exists just beyond our everyday perceptions. [Keeping in mind the scientific demonstration that the Universe is pure movement, with no distinction between light (patterns of energy) and matter (patterns of energy) and is pure vibration loaded with the potential to manifest into an infinite array of patterns -- the Quantum Inseparability Principle -- would attest that what we call “non-ordinary” reality is simply our reality accessed by using all of our innate senses. As Einstein pointed out, energy is equal to matter (E=MC2) -- so “solid” objects that you can see, feel and touch, are matter AND energy, which you cannot see, feel, or touch.]

Many people say that they only believe what they can touch or see; yet, science has proven that 99.99999+ percent of an atom is open space! That is, everything we touch or see is verifiably…nothing! Matter exists as both a “wave” and a “particle” -- it can both exist and be non-existent (“wink” in and out of existence). So what is perceived as “real” is actually a disturbance in space -- a measureable “wrinkle” in the energy of space. It only has a “perceived” solidness. And it is only this perceived solidness that differentiates matter from space (which is unseen by our basic five senses). The study of quantum mechanics has demonstrated that the vast space between the particles is filled with energy -- much more so than what is produced to create a particle. That is, the space between the particles of the atom is filled with POWER (or potential). It has more power than the particles it produces because it’s potential to produce is always greater than what is actually produced.

All that to say -- it’s all energy. And what is “unseen” by our basic senses is just as real and just as powerful (if not more powerful) than what is seen by our basic senses. What is “unseen” is “seen” by the Shamanic Practitioner when in a deep state of consciousness referred to as “non-ordinary” reality.

Everyone can, with training and intent, access this non-ordinary reality. (The Australian aborigines call the non-ordinary reality the “Dreamtime.” It is referred by as the “Other World” in Celtic traditions, or as the “Spirit Worlds” by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples.) Modern quantum physics has proven that there are, in fact, many worlds, dimensions, and “realms” that overlap and interact with one another. Shamanic Practitioners merely serve as a “bridge” between the different dimensions. (Just like we know that light is made up of a broad spectrum of frequencies, some of which we can see -- and some of which we can’t -- “ordinary” reality merely has the appearance of having a solid, physical form, while “non-ordinary” reality does not.)

It’s all energy!

Shamanic Practitioners believe that this intelligent Spirit-guided life-force energy is omnipotent, formless, and omnipresent. This Spirit-guided life-force energy moves within every living thing -- connecting every living thing. And this Spirit (whether it is called God, or Great Spirit, or Creator -- or any other name) is just as real and just as tangible as flesh -- even if we can’t see it with our physical eyes, taste it with our tongues, or hold it in our hands!

This all-pervasive, divine life-force energy has “assistant” energies (including angels, “power” animals, or any other compassionate helping spirit). These assistant energies interact with all of us on a daily basis -- from birth to death.

These “assistant” energies take on specific “energetic signatures” (energy forms) and appearances that Shamanic Practitioners can see, feel, hear, experience, and interact with in non-ordinary reality.

These “assistant” energies are called “helping spirits” by Shamanic Practitioners. However, they have been referred to as angels, guardian spirits, spirit teachers, spirit helpers, spirit guides, spirit allies, ascended masters, power animals, elemental spirits (including faeries, elves, leprechauns, gnomes, etc.), or Archetypes -- depending upon the culture or religious orientation of the ones “perceiving” them. Whatever name these helping spirits are given, or in whatever form they allow themselves to be perceived by humans -- they are pure energy!

Shamanic Practitioners know that all worlds (ordinary and non-ordinary reality) host an infinite number and variety of helping spirits. They believe that each person is born with at least one helping spirit that protects them and shares their “power” (energy) with them. The job of all helping spirits is to guide, protect, teach, and link people with a higher energetic vibration so they can experience enhanced energy, vitality, health, harmony, and wisdom of action.

Working with these helping spirits, Shamanic Practitioners work to affect spiritual healing and harmony in our ordinary reality -- and they do this to ensure the survival and well-being of the people they serve: their clients, their students, their family, their friends, they elders, their community, and, ultimately, all of humanity and all of the Earth.

Throughout the world, and throughout the ages, people (entire cultures) have believed in these helping spirits -- invisible to the naked eye in this reality because they vibrate at a much higher frequency and are far less physically dense (called “subtle” or “etheric” energy in quantum physics). Helping spirits are, in essence, just higher-vibrational, spiritual energy forms -- existing just outside our ordinary, everyday, five-sense perception.

Basically, Shamanic Practitioners work with compassionate helping spirits in order to restore balance, “wholeness,” harmony, and power to people, animals, plants, places, and the entire planet. This restoration, which takes place on a spiritual level, enhances physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all life. (Shamanic Practitioners see all physical, mental, and emotional imbalances as manifestations of spiritual imbalances. Unlike western medicine specialists, Shamanic Practitioners do not see their clients as separate parts working separately or disconnected symptoms; they see their clients as WHOLE people; people connected and interconnected to the entire web of life.)

Throughout history, Shamanic Practitioners have provided a wide range of services and served a wide range of roles. Some of the services provided by traditional indigenous Shamans (including Native American Medicine Men and Medicine Women) included:
  •          divining information, wisdom, knowledge from both ordinary and non-ordinary reality;
  •          acting as intermediaries between ordinary and non-ordinary reality in order to restore (personal and tribal) physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance and well-being;
  •          preparing the people for hunting, gathering, and agriculture activities;
  •          seeing the future;
  •          explaining/interpreting signs and omens;
  •          officiating/leading ceremonies (for rites of passage, such as birth, marriage, and coming-of-age);
  •          retrieving lost soul parts (soul essence) and extracting “negative” intrusions;
  •          communicating with the dead and helping the dying transition to the next level;
  •          using plants, plant energies, and plant spirits for healing purposes;
  •          communicating with nature spirits and weather elements;
  •          singing songs to invoke, connect with, and/or honor helping spirits; or for healing;
  •          diagnosing illnesses;
  •          teaching apprentices;
  •          setting bones, pulling teeth, and treating wounds;
  •          interpreting dreams;
  •          delivering babies and conducting soul-crossings for the deceased;
  •          counseling, advising, and mediating for individuals, couples, families, and tribes; and

many, many other practices!

Basically, at one time, the way of the Shaman was practiced only by hunters and gatherers primarily in order to find food and other resources for their tribe and for energy/spiritual healing. They accomplished this by achieving the expanded state of awareness in which they connected to “spiritual” help. In these traditional cultures, there were often only a few gifted people in the community who were able to perform the shamanic survival duties for sustenance, support, guidance, and healing on behalf of others.

Today, in the twenty-first Century, Shamanic Practitioners work more for individuals instead of tribes; more for the entire community of humankind instead of just one culture. They often practice “combination” shamanism -- a combination of specific indigenous techniques and “core” shamanic techniques (techniques based upon common values, philosophies, and practices found at the core of all traditional shamanic practices).

Today, more and more “Shamanic Practitioners” are realizing (actualizing) that the path of direct revelation brings humanity into a relationship with the spiritual world -- based upon the belief that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit (and a voice), and that there is an energy field that connects all life. This awareness of interconnection is shared by tribal shamans at one end of the human continuum and by quantum physicists and Zen Buddhists at the other.

Shamanic practices offer a direct path to spiritual energy healing and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance in life. The “dis-eases” of modern life that shamanic practices have been proven to help with include: anxiety, stress, fear/phobias, addictions, chronic pain, dealing with loss/grief, personal empowerment, trauma, fatigue, and recovering from accidents.

Shamanic practices do not supplant Western medicine, but serve as a less invasive way with demonstrable success. These practices are considered a form of Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM), and, as such, they are recognized by the National Institute of Health as “conducive to health and wellness.”

As a Core Shamanic Practitioner, you may not pull teeth or deliver babies or diagnose illnesses, but you will learn – through this one-on-one training, how to perform/offer most of the essential life-affirming and life-enhancing “core” shamanic services (explained below), including:
·         Divination (through the use of objects of nature, or through journey);
  •          Dreamwork (interpretation and wisdom-insight from journey);
  •          Power Animal Retrieval (connecting/reconnecting you with your own Power Animal);
  •          Soul Retrieval (locating lost soul energy due to trauma, abuse, addiction, etc.);
  •          Extractions (releasing you from unwanted “negative” energies that no longer serve you);
  •          Psychopomp (sacred work with the dying to ensure peace and harmony; and journey work to ensure that deceased loved ones have safely passed to the light);
  •          Healing Words/Healing Songs/Healing Dance (connecting you with the power of words for healing and balance);
  •          Healing Journeys (seeking direct divine guidance on healing specific to your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual needs); and
  •          Land/space blessing and clearings (releasing unwanted or “negative” energies in our physical space that affect our physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being).

 List of “Supplies” for the Training

List of “Supplies” for the Training:
Items you will need to fully experience the training:
  •          Eye Cover (something soft to cover your eyes, to inspire “inner” focus). This could be a bandana or something more official, like a “Mindfold” mask (available online, including on Amazon.).
  •          Drumming CD. One of the best is: The Shamanic Journey, Solo and Double Drumming, by Michael Harner (1997 edition or later), from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (also available online, including Amazon).
  •           Notebook (to record journeys and other shamanic experiences).
  •           Sage (loose, or a small ‘sage wand’ bound tightly together) and something safe to burn it in (such as a shell).
  • ·         Feather (at least 6 inches long, but can be longer). (I would recommend that you buy this in person – not online, as it is best to “feel” it in your hands.)
  •           Rattle(s). (Many practitioners need a larger rattle one for group work, and a very small one for more intimate work. Listen with your heart when you choose a rattle, it is an instrument to call in power/healing and you must “resonate” with it.)
  • ·         Shamanic Drum. (Generally, every practitioner should have the Remo 14 inch “Buffalo Drum,” as this drum can handle wet weather conditions better than hide drums. The Remo drum is available on Amazon.
  •           Book: The Way of the Shaman, by Michael Harner (Harper San Francisco, 1990). (This is considered to be the “classic” in what became the core approach to shamanism, originally published in 1980.) This book is available on Amazon.
  • ·         Book: Shamanism as a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life, by Tom Cowan (The Crossing Press, Freedom, 1996). (Cowan entered the field after Harner, and enjoyed/employed the perspective that time and more information often brings. Cowan, as with the later Harner, recognized primary historical use of the more stable, non-drug, drum or rattle sonic driving to accelerate a shamanic state of consciousness.) This book is available on Amazon.
  • ·         Book: Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander. This is a personal account of Alexander’s near-death experience, where he encountered events that closely resemble the non-ordinary reality experienced by shamanic practitioners for centuries. 

 Training Informed Consent Release Form

In order to participate in the Online Core Shamanic Practitioner Training, you must have read, and initialed/signed the Informed Consent Release Form. The copy below is for your information and review only. Upon enrollment in the Online Training, the Informed Consent Release Form will be emailed to you (in a .pdf format). You can then sign, scan, and email it back to Kristina Woodall, M.A. at:


This Practitioner Training Informed Consent Release Form applies to any/all classes, workshops, and/or training conducted (taught) by Kristina L. Woodall, M.A., including, but not limited to:
  •          Certified Reiki Practitioner (Level I, Level II, Level IIIa, and/or Level IIIb)
  •          Core Shamanic Practitioner (whether in-person training or online training)
  •          any combination of Reiki and Shamanic Practices training.

Please Initial:

_____ I, the undersigned (“Student”), being over the age of 21, of sound mind and body and without undue influence or duress, hereby and voluntarily consent to participate in class(es), workshop(s), and/or training (s) (whether in person or online) conducted by Kristina L. Woodall, M.A. (hereinafter referred to as the “Teacher”). (If under the age of 18, must have full approval and consent of legal guardian.)

_____ I understand that the class, workshop, and/or training materials provided by the Teacher are educational purposes only; they are not to be copied without the permission of the Teacher.

_____ I understand that any/all Reiki and/or Shamanic Sessions conducted as part of the class, workshop, and/or training ARE FOR educational/training purposes ONLY; they ARE NOT a substitute for personal medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

_____ I understand that the Teacher DOES NOT diagnose conditions, nor does she prescribe medications, perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. And I understand that it is my responsibility to seek out medical treatment for any and all medical or psychological conditions.

_____ I understand that Reiki and/or Shamanic class, workshop, and/or training may include “hands-on” demonstrations and/or exercises by the Teacher, by other students, and/or by myself. During such demonstrations and/or exercises, the Teacher and/or other students may lightly place their hands directly on my body. In addition, I may be requested to lightly place my hands directly on the bodies of other students.

_____ I understand that if AT ANY TIME I do not want to participate in any hands-on exercises with the Teacher and/or with other students (either giving or receiving hands-on demonstration/exercises) that I must inform the Teacher and discontinue my participation in the demonstration and/or exercise immediately.  

_____ I understand that if I am under the care of a Physician, Counselor, Psychologist, and/or a Psychiatrist that I must disclose this to the Teacher PRIOR to my participation in any class, workshop, and/or training; AND that I must provide a signed Release Form from my Physician(s) Counselor(s), Psychologist(s), and/or Psychiatrist(s) stating that he/she has given his/her consent for my participation in any class, workshop, and/training conducted by the Teacher; and that he/she may be contacted, if necessary.

_____ I agree to DISCONTINUE my participation in any class, workshop, and/or training if any physical and/or psychological condition manifests during such class, workshop, and/or training AND agree to instead consult with my Physician, Counselor, Psychologist, and/or Psychiatrist immediately.

_____ I agree to not hold the Teacher responsible for any physical, psychological, psychiatric or any other concern they may have, in the past, present, or that might appear in the future as a result of my participation in any class, workshop, and/or training conducted by the Teacher.

_____ I agree to take complete responsibility for my physical and psychological health and overall fitness to engage in the class, workshop, and/or training conducted by the Teacher.

_____ I understand that the class, workshop, and/or training may use active imagination and guided meditation or “journey” experiences -- which I can engage in (and disengage from) easily and effortlessly, at my own discretion AND, if I “journey,” I agree to immediately return to Ordinary Reality when a drumbeat of a certain rhythm “calls” me back.

_____ I understand that if I become uncomfortable at any time with any experience during any class, workshop, and/or training, it is my responsibility to inform the Teacher of any problems, issues, and/or concerns immediately.

_____ I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the class, workshop, and/or training and understand that it is my responsibility to continue to educate myself and ask questions if any such questions arise during any class, workshop, and/or training. 

_____ I acknowledge the desire to experience, and participate in, a class, workshop,  and/or training, and acknowledge the execution of this document is a condition of the Teacher’s willingness to accept me into such class, workshop, and/or training.

_____ Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I or my representative(s) agree to fully, forever, and unconditionally release and hold harmless the Teacher, Kristina Woodall,  from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my attendance and/or participation in any class, workshop, and/or training conducted by the Teacher.

_____________________________________     __________________________________________
Student -- Printed Full Name                                  Date   

Student -- Signature    

 _____________________________________     __________________________________________
Teacher -- Signature                                               Date