Distance Reiki/Shamanic Reiki (for People and Animals)

Distance Reiki/Distance Shamanic Reiki –
For People and Animals


An intelligent Spirit-directed life force (personal and universal) flows through all life (humans, plants, animals, and the Earth itself). This is the energy that “animates” all life on this planet (in this Universe).

Energy comes in a variety of forms, including electrical, chemical, light, magnetic, mechanical, and nuclear. Reiki energy is called “subtle” energy, and it works on the energy field that surrounds all life -- also called biomagnetic or electromagnetic energy. [This subtle energy can be measured by scientists with a superconducting quantum interference device (SQIUD). As Einstein pointed out, energy is equal to matter (E=MC2) -- so the body, which you can see, feel and touch, is matter AND it is energy, which you cannot see, feel, or touch.]

All disease is the result of imbalances in a person’s energy system. This imbalance, caused by an energy block or the stagnation of energy, ultimately manifests physically (or emotionally) as pain or disease.

Reiki is Spirit (God, Great Spirit, Creator, Universe) directed. Reiki, however, is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice, and is not based on faith, specific beliefs, or suggestion (and actually transcends most religions). Reiki, simply put, is an intelligent Spirit-guided life force energy that restores balance and harmony.


The modern practice of “channeling” this Spirit-guided life force energy known under the name “Reiki” comes from Japan (as developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s). However, the flow of balancing, healing energy has been available to all life, and the channeling of this flow has been practiced with healing intent by all cultures on all continents, since ancient times.

All life, as energy, seeks balance within its internal environmental (the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body) and harmony within its external environment. When life is in balance and in harmony (when energy is flowing “perfectly”), there is health and vitality. When life is out of balance and/or is experiencing disharmony (when energy is “blocked” or “weak”), there is space for illness and dis-ease.

In people, this Spirit-directed life force energy flows around us in a field of energy called the “aura” (the energy field that surrounds and penetrates the body) and within the physical body through pathways called “chakras” (energy centers that transform energy between the different levels of the body -- the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels). This life force plays a major role in everything we do, think, feel, and experience in life.

Reiki offers a natural, gentle, and safe way of clearing and strengthening energy, thereby stimulating the immune system and the body’s own ability to heal and overcome stress, pain, illness, and disease. Reiki, which restores balance and harmony, is always beneficial. Reiki treats the whole person -- the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. 

Reiki can help with:
  •          physical pain relief
  •          stress relief
  •          emotional/mental healing and balancing
  •          deep relaxation
  •          fatigue
  •          general, and specific, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances in people, places, animals, plants, and even situations.

Reiki flows:
  •          through the chakras
  •          through energy blocks to help remove them
  •          in order to bring up emotional issues so they can be released
  •          in order to allow people to grow emotionally and spiritually, if they desire.

Reiki can help when a person is dealing with pain or illness by:
  •          providing a “break” from the pain
  •          enhancing the healing effects (and reducing the side-effects) of any medications (conventional and/or alternative)
  •          reducing the time necessary for healing after a surgery
  •          promoting the body’s own internal healing abilities.

Basically, our natural energy level is affected by our state of health or disease. When we are experiencing “low” energy levels, a Reiki treatment can be compared to “jump starting” our energy battery -- to add more energy. (When a car’s battery, for example, can’t provide enough of its own energy to start the engine, we attach jumper cables from an external source to jump start the energy level.) 

Reiki works in the same fashion, and practitioners are the channels through which additional intelligent Spirit-guided life force energy can flow -- to restore balance and harmony. There are no contraindications for the use of Reiki.  There are no side-effects, unlike medicine, and it can’t be “overused.” The true Spirit that guides Reik knows what a person needs, and the level or flow of energy will flow to meet the need. Since Reiki works on all levels -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual -- the healing will manifest in the way it will serve the client the most.

Reiki can only bring about healing and harmony; it can never cause any harm. It may take only one treatment for this healing to occur, or it may take several treatments over the course of a few weeks. Acute illness or injuries (especially if treated immediately) often require only one or two treatments. Chronic or long-standing issues may require several treatments in order to achieve significant energy-balancing results that enhance long-term healing.

As a restorative, healing energy, Reiki can flow through a “hands-on” experience (with a Reiki practitioner lightly placing their hands on the body) or through “distance” healing. Either way, and in equal fashion, the energy flows in the right amount to the right place -- right as Spirit intends.

Currently, Reiki, as an alternative complementary healing modality, is practiced around the world in many settings, including hospitals, hospices, veterinary clinics, and in private practices. It has been used to aid in healing virtually every known illness and injury, including serious diseases like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and cancer.  It can also be used regularly for common ailments, such as headaches, colds, flu, sore throats, and everyday aches and pains. It can also be used for stress reduction and relaxation. 

Reiki offers a natural, gentle, and safe way of clearing and strengthening energy, thereby stimulating the immune system and the body’s own ability to heal and overcome stress, pain, illness, and disease. Reiki, which restores balance and harmony, is always beneficial. Reiki treats the whole person -- the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. 

So – as a healing modality, Reiki is always positive (no harm can come from it) and intelligent (the healing energy flows to where it is needed -- on the physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual subtle energy bodies -- even if the practitioner and the recipient do not consciously know where it is needed).

Distance Shamanic Reiki

Kristina also provides Distance Shamanic Reiki, which taps into the ancient shamanic practice of “journeywork.” Through Shamanic Reiki, in addition to the energy-balancing and healing energy of Reiki itself, Kristina can offer additional shamanic practices, such as Divination, Dreamwork; Power Animal Retrieval, Extraction of Unwanted Energy; Soul Retrieval; Healing Words; Psychopomp; and Healing Journeys (please visit the Core Shamanic Services Tab for more detailed information on Shamanic practices).  

Distance Reiki/Distance Shamanic Reiki – For People

As Einstein pointed out, time and space are all relative. And, just like prayer knows no limitation or boundary, Reiki heals without regard to space and time.

All of the benefits of hands-on Reiki can be experienced in a “distance” healing session -- whether is from across town or across the planet!  Just as with hands-on Reiki, a distance healing session can send the perfect amount of healing energy to the physical, emotional, or situational distress -- and provide comfort and healing balance.

Distance Reiki/Distance Shamanic Reiki expands the horizons and circumstances under which you can experience the balance, comfort, and healing qualities of Reiki/Shamanic Reiki.

Distance Reiki – For Animals

Reiki is balance; balance is healing. Reiki is love.

All of the healing love and comfort that Reiki offers to people in distress -- whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual -- it also offers, to the same measure and depth, to the animals that we love; the animals who love us.

If you have ever looked into the eyes of an animal -- a dog, a cat, a horse -- you know that they are sentient beings with spirit and soul. And, seeing within a blink of those eyes, you know that animals know pain, and fear, and sadness, and anxiety.

Animals can be our dearest companions and our wisest teachers. They offer us unconditional love and acceptance and, in return, they seek only the basics of food, shelter, comfort, and our love. They cannot use our words (although they understand many of them!) and may not be able to tell us verbally when they are in pain -- but we know when they are in distress -- by the changes in their normal behavior (sleeping, eating, moving).

When animals experience Reiki, just like humans, they can know balance, and comfort, and relief -- and love. If you have an animal in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual distress, give them the gift of pure love; give them the gift of Reiki.

When animals are in distress, they tend to respond more quickly and more “intuitively” to Reiki energy than humans, and their powers of recuperation seem to be superior to ours.  Animals have less accumulated stress, emotional blockages or self-sabotaging tendencies and thoughts. Their inner abilities to heal are often stronger than our own. 

Whether you have dogs, cats, horses, birds, ferrets, or rabbits in distress, Reiki can help! Reiki, in addition to any treatments they may be receiving by a veterinarian, can be given:

  • when they are ill (sickness and/or disease)
  • when they are in physical, mental, and/or emotional pain
  • when they are taking medications with unpleasant side-effects (such as nausea, fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc.)
  • when they have experienced a surgery
  • when they have been through a trauma (such as abuse, loss, or a move)
  • when they are anxious or depressed
  • when it is time for the animal to pass over (providing compassionate support that can make the transition more peaceful and loving for all concerned)
Reiki is an ideal complementary therapy for animals. It is a gentle, painless, non-invasive, stress-free therapy -- one that never requires them to be restrained, confined, or sedated. As with humans, Reiki for animals heals on at all levels -- and goes directly to those issues most in need of healing (even those unknown to the animal’s human or to the Reiki Practitioner). There is virtually no problem or issue that cannot be treated with Reiki!

Reiki is a energetic “vibrational frequency” that the animal intuitively recognizes and appreciates -- one that the animal can accept at the deepest level. This includes the physical, mental, emotional, and even situational realm (for example, if the animal has experienced past abuse or is currently experiencing anxiety when left alone at home). Your animal may not be able to use your words, but he or she will certainly be willing and able to communicate a renewed sense of health and contentment!

Distance healing expands the horizons and circumstances under which an animal can experience the balance, comfort, and healing qualities of Reiki. And, just as in a hands-on session, the animals will typically enter a deeply relaxed state -- knowing, perhaps on a deeper level than humans, they Reiki energy is flowing through them for the purpose of healing and comfort.